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brothaman 11/10/12 03:44 PM

sigh...i was kinda hoping for a further seems forever situation, purely out of curiosity

BusterBluth 11/10/12 08:46 PM

im apathetic

WhatJulianSaid 11/11/12 07:01 AM

It's not surprising, they were coming up short-handed on most tours or at least my dates for some reason most noobs seemed to think they were just a good-sounding local lol

Aaron Mook 11/11/12 10:08 AM

Damn, Twelve Years is in my top 5 for the year. Hope everything is well.

Aaron Mook 11/11/12 10:09 AM

Could it have anything to do with Crime in Stereo being back together? That would be a plus to this, although it's unfortunate both bands wouldn't have kept playing.

InfiniteArms 11/11/12 05:23 PM


akster 11/11/12 07:11 PM

Oh no. Who?

spokenword 11/11/12 07:31 PM

Being in a band and giving up your life to tour gets harder and harder the older you get. These guys put out a great record, and they should be at least proud of that.

poppunkwayo 11/11/12 07:32 PM

they released the album of the year imo. major bummer but defiantly saw this coming sooner than later. Tym was irreplaceable.

prefix-core 11/11/12 07:41 PM

Bummer. This band had promise. Twelve Years was an awesome LP, and the EP before that was phenomenal. Oh well. For every band that breaks up, another 1-3 form in its wake...

jrtbighurt 11/13/12 01:05 PM

They should of just finished out their run with The Jealous Sound then quit. Upset alot of people canceling on those shows.