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timmyonasis 11/09/12 03:43 PM

Love that he's wearing a Bears shirt on the cover!

nowFace 11/09/12 03:52 PM

Holy fuck, and it's not even that far away.

Gaugzilla 11/09/12 03:53 PM

Holy crap at that artwork. Can't wait for this.

thesinkingship 11/09/12 03:56 PM

Meh. Might pick it up just for my collection.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/09/12 03:58 PM


Originally Posted by rawspinner (Post 115240192)
I love the menorah/majora ep. Also, no "All Choked Up"? Even compared to recent work that's one of his strongest songs.

Max says it will be on there.

logandallimore 11/09/12 04:18 PM

I have been waiting for this for ever!

glitchcannon 11/09/12 04:24 PM

sooo.... no vinyl

abusedcat 11/09/12 04:28 PM

Will buy, but seriously missing "We Will Erase..." and "Slumming it with Johnny".

blimpcityhero11 11/09/12 04:34 PM

Woo! Colorblind!

Mirrors Shatter 11/09/12 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by jenyay (Post 115240082)
I can't wait to add this to my SA collection! Although like (7 or 8?) years ago I owned these, got them from a website. I'm pretty sure the downloads were legal, and posted directly by SA. Vague, I know. Does anybody else remember the website?

Probably aboutfalling.com?

randys950 11/09/12 04:41 PM


Originally Posted by Mirrors Shatter (Post 115242272)
Probably aboutfalling.com?

my money is on bsidesrus

whispered east 11/09/12 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by RyanGarner (Post 115239012)
Some of it is quite good but the production is pretty bad.

Can't disagree. Everything Max has ever done is genius in my book but I've grabbed some of the pre "Is A Real Boy" songs off the web and it is some garagey sounding stuff. Super psyched for this though... if nothing else, having it for real instead of a degraded mp3 file should help with the quality.

Jake Gyllenhaal 11/09/12 04:50 PM

I got a copy of "For Sale..." from the first time I saw Say Anything back in February 2005, which I think was only sold at shows. Is that considered rare/worth anything?

airrwaves44 11/09/12 04:52 PM

where is joel on other planets, that is one of the best early songs

botDs-r 11/09/12 04:52 PM

"The Last Great Punk Rock Song" (off Baseball)is my all-time favorite Say Anything song!!