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billyboatkid 11/09/12 04:58 PM

Gettin dis

dancelukedance 11/09/12 04:58 PM

So psyched for this. There's a plethora of material.

billyboatkid 11/09/12 04:59 PM

Is this gonna be a cd or just vinyl?

RyanGarner 11/09/12 05:03 PM


Originally Posted by whispered east (Post 115242432)
Can't disagree. Everything Max has ever done is genius in my book but I've grabbed some of the pre "Is A Real Boy" songs off the web and it is some garagey sounding stuff. Super psyched for this though... if nothing else, having it for real instead of a degraded mp3 file should help with the quality.

Definitely. Colorblind is one of my favorite Say Anything songs but the production makes it difficult to listen to at times.

Drew Beringer 11/09/12 05:06 PM


Originally Posted by billyboatkid (Post 115243062)
Is this gonna be a cd or just vinyl?

looks like just CD for now

prefix-core 11/09/12 05:11 PM

I've been able to find the vast majority of this stuff, but it will definitely be nice to have this in a "professional" format, re-mastered, etc.

Some of these earlier tracks are what led to me falling in love with the band in the first place ("A Boston Peace", "All This Fashion"). Really excited about seeing the essays.

Formatfun 11/09/12 05:15 PM

Remastered? I have most of the originals... hmm.

SureAsRain 11/09/12 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by abusedcat (Post 115241902)
Will buy, but seriously missing "We Will Erase..." and "Slumming it with Johnny".

my thoughts exactly.

billyboatkid 11/09/12 05:33 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 115243222)
looks like just CD for now


Now I'm super stoked to pick this up. Wish I could be a vinyl head like all you's, but I've already invested so much money into cds haha.

nowFace 11/09/12 05:38 PM

Where is Anti Anti from?

mycuban 11/09/12 05:41 PM

There's a few in there i don't have, excited for the new one's i haven't heard.

buddah knome 11/09/12 05:41 PM

Haha for some reason max blocked me on twitter and I in all honesty don't know why. The bastard can still have my money.

BigAl 11/09/12 05:47 PM

So excited for this!

smoke4thecaper 11/09/12 06:29 PM

A remastered copy is perfect. A good portion of these songs are gems and highlights of Max's songwriting prowess. He had such a dark sense of humor and was chockful of piss & vinegar.

dorfmac 11/09/12 06:30 PM

Already have all of these songs, but they are good enough to buy to own twice. I'd venture to say that 75% of these songs are better than some of the stuff he's come out with recently. Obviously, just a matter of taste, but I love these jams.