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Christian Wagner 11/11/12 06:02 PM

Ninety-Six Signs With Hotfoot Records
New Jersey hardcore band Ninety-Six (96) has signed with Hotfoot Records to release the upcoming debut full-length entitled Caught In The Grips. Check out the new track “Dried Up” here.

Dylan_Andrew 11/11/12 06:46 PM

Das wassup. Good peepz and good music.

MikeYabs 11/11/12 07:59 PM

Aw yea. Seeing them on friday. Stoked.

DemBitties 11/11/12 11:22 PM

Good local dudes. Shit is not for pussies tho.


flame_in_darkness 11/12/12 02:11 PM

This is good. Lambgoat commenters are degenerate.