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fuldanips 11/12/12 09:08 AM

God I have such a guitar boner right now.

mackieinva 11/12/12 09:26 AM

really digging this, can't wait to give the album a listen.

EndlessPrisoner 11/12/12 09:28 AM

It's alright. Chorus is a bit boring, musicianship is great. Missing a lot of ooomph from what was in my favorite songs of theirs. Vocal improvement is the one thing I absolutely noticed though.

JRefrigerated 11/12/12 10:34 AM

This is very, very good.

Mattylikesfilms 11/12/12 11:38 AM

well.. yeah im buying this when pre orders are up.

Ryan Gardner 11/12/12 11:41 AM

Digging this one.

runningohfive 11/12/12 01:54 PM

I like what I hear.

ITSjwags 11/12/12 02:25 PM


blindrider529 11/12/12 02:28 PM

Band is SO good. If you haven't been paying attention please find every song of theirs you can find and enjoy your new life.

burncitiesas 11/12/12 04:27 PM


leftapart 11/12/12 08:00 PM

I can dig it. Do they have a release date for the album yet?

dan.is.empire 11/12/12 09:03 PM

New singer?

Jack Appleby 11/12/12 10:28 PM


Originally Posted by dan.is.empire (Post 115348802)
New singer?

Nope - that's Mike, doing his thang.

bobsheiskawy 11/12/12 10:50 PM

i've never listened to this band before. this was pretty good.

MikeCaswell 11/12/12 11:57 PM

thanks for all the kind words today. please share this song with as many people as possible.