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HogarthHughes 11/13/12 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by brokenwings (Post 115356392)
This. Can someone please sum up the most important details of the interview? I'm having a hard time understanding what Adam is saying

All he really said about SOTY's future is that they'll never die, and 2013 holds good things for them.

iseejosh 11/13/12 07:01 AM

I really hope this movie gets made. Its so close to its kickstarter goal. Seems like a very interesting project to see.

Wutz 11/13/12 08:13 AM


Originally Posted by HogarthHughes (Post 115357392)
All he really said about SOTY's future is that they'll never die...

I didn't realize these guys and Tiger Army had so much in common.

cirerelleum 11/13/12 08:58 AM

I'd love a In the Wake tour much more than Page Avenue. I'd definitely see either that came near me though. Keeping my fingers crossed the movie gets to happen.

mjpistons 11/13/12 10:36 AM

did I hear rumors about a co-headlining 10 year anniversary tour for Page Avenue and Yellowcard's Ocean Avenue? Or was I just dreaming?

whatremains 11/13/12 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 115338662)
I'd take a Wake tour over Page Avenue any day.

Word. In the Wake was my favorite SOTY album. By far the most creative. I bench all the weights when I get my swoll on. Seriously, that CD is a fantastic rock and roll album.