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rayne evol 11/13/12 05:02 AM

one of the few good post-hardcore bands left. cant wait 2 hear their new album

johnnyferris 11/13/12 08:18 AM

Can't wait to hear it. Stoked on the different production!

MJSchmidt 11/13/12 09:49 AM

Curious to hear where they go with this. I would like to see them go for more of a punk/hardcore sound, personally. Not that I don't like the stronger instrumentation on past efforts (mainly with Garrett), but picking up the Strike Anywhere guitarist, having Jason Black, and Buddy's aggressive vocals, I think they could do something cool. Who knows the Strike Anywhere guitarist may have joined to get away from that style a bit. Whatever they do I will support them. I am glad to see them still making records unlike a lot of bands they came up with.

absolutebutthol 11/13/12 09:58 AM

so stoked they are going in with someone else.