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xHoodieWeather 11/12/12 05:34 PM

Wow can't believe ill get a chance to see Jeff Mangum live.

jrtbighurt 11/12/12 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by Mikey Paine (Post 115335022)
No MD...again.

He played two nights in a row in Baltimore last year...

CavanaughPark 11/12/12 07:52 PM

....and none on the west coast. bummer.

ByePolarBears 11/12/12 10:45 PM

He's not coming to SLC!!! :'( I'm glad for all who are able to attend...

Kixur413 11/12/12 11:41 PM

Literally thought there'd be a chance for some AZ love. Nope

Ohaidere 11/13/12 05:31 AM

He'll be in Hartford, but... I absolutely despise Hartford.

I'mAGetUpKid 11/13/12 07:17 AM

Buffalo daaaaaate.

I'mAGetUpKid 11/13/12 07:18 AM


Originally Posted by xHoodieWeather (Post 115339292)
Wow can't believe ill get a chance to see Jeff Mangum live.

This is what I keep saying.

VanMastaIteHab 11/13/12 02:16 PM

I'm seeing him this Thursday, so I guess I can't complain that I don't get this tour lol. But I really wish this would come to either Philly or NYC.

Loge182 11/13/12 06:31 PM

This is the best music news I've heard in quite some time!
Now if only Brand New would come to cleveland...