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InfiniteArms 11/12/12 05:22 PM


Numero10 11/12/12 06:24 PM

Saw them do this tonight in Dublin and my jaw dropped. Justin also said that the show would be their last as a band "at least for a while"

sohcampco 11/12/12 07:34 PM


Dirge07 11/12/12 09:46 PM

I got chills. Amazing.

goodtennis! 11/12/12 10:30 PM

This would have been better if that dorky intro was cut out. Sounds like something I would have heard 15 times at a country festival. This song is one of my favorites and almost got better though.

Mens 11/13/12 12:42 AM

The man has the music inside him

PandaBear! 11/13/12 05:52 AM


whiterussian 11/13/12 06:39 AM

Great version.

davefalcone777 11/13/12 08:16 AM


gameguru990 11/13/12 11:40 AM

Amazing. Love the staves so much. And bon iver, of course.

markhimself46 11/13/12 11:08 PM

Goosebumps. Everywhere. Favorite Bon Iver song.