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Blake Solomon 11/12/12 08:18 PM

that is a really unfortunate way to spell drew

JimmyAveningo 11/13/12 12:08 AM


thepianominstre 11/13/12 05:51 AM

I loved Signs and Wonders a lot so I'm stoked for this.

rushour144 11/13/12 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by seanthethief (Post 115342002)
I had this convo with a couple of people, but I think we anticipated that direction when I thought we were without a drummer/bassist. Now that Joey is writing, him and I am definitely writing full-band songs. It's sounding way better than I thought it would after three years.

There will still be some of the electronic elements (Dryw's demoed some songs), but not the entire record.

Just because I am the only one who talks, doesn't mean I am in charge :)

Thanks for the update Sean...this makes me EVEN happier!!! Cannot wait man!