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CavanaughPark 11/12/12 08:22 PM


schenksta 11/12/12 09:38 PM


Originally Posted by bobsheiskawy (Post 115337902)
i'm waiting for that gif of him with the bee.

this is overpriced, but it does look like a nice package at least.

I gotchu

mike'smannequin 11/13/12 08:47 AM

they suck

flame_in_darkness 11/13/12 02:36 PM

I normally hate people who resell records, but think of how much you can flip this for...

ladedadada 11/16/12 08:38 PM

Jesus, doesn't ship to Canada... pretty pissed.

sntkmspw 01/11/13 10:07 AM

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