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Who's Chris? 11/13/12 06:49 AM


Likelinus 11/13/12 08:55 AM

That shit is whacked. Whats next for Dallas Green, dancer for Lady Gaga?

StephenYoung 11/13/12 09:32 AM

Silverstein toured with Avril Lavigne. That's weird.

Modern Leper 11/13/12 10:09 AM

In Canada, City and Colour and Pink have the same fans. Not at all surprised.

darksun0111 11/13/12 10:42 AM

I wish there was a way where you could buy a ticket at a reduced price if you agree to only watch City and Colour's set.

j4callen 11/13/12 12:36 PM

Hoped to see some "any one who makes pop music has no talent" comments and I wasn't let down.

Djentleman 11/13/12 07:22 PM


Originally Posted by iseejosh (Post 115357302)
Calling a band 'All Time Blow' makes you oh so mature.

it was a typo, so used to calling em that