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Drew Beringer 11/12/12 03:34 PM

New POZ Content with TWY, WAITC, and Pentimento
Today PropertyOfZack has a new "POZ Playlist" featuring playlists from The Wonder Years, We Are The In Crowd, and Sandlot Heroes here. The site also has the latest "BandsOnBands" with Pentimento discusses why Underoath is one of its favorites.

Spencer Control 11/12/12 09:03 PM

I liked Pentimento's bit on Underoath.

guitarguy211 11/12/12 10:51 PM

Just started to listen to Sandlot Heroes seeing as how they're on this tour-awesome band!

RIP Underoath

cubsml34 11/13/12 11:15 AM

As always I love one of my favorite bands mentioning my all-time favorite band (Smashing Pumpkins)