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Aphasia17 11/12/12 09:27 PM

Holy shit Chicago. Will 100% be at The Metro.

Mattylikesfilms 11/12/12 11:08 PM

I want a Say Hello To Sunshine show at Glasshouse.

Just sayin'

tarynnosaurus! 11/12/12 11:19 PM

Yep. Making the trip down from Minneapolis. Can't wait.

domotime2 11/12/12 11:43 PM

man am i actually going to buy tickets for a show 4 months in advanced? what is this pop disaster>?

mattregan 11/13/12 12:21 AM

I'm shocked these 2 tour dates aren't at the Glass House like the other 3 are!

taketotheriv 11/13/12 12:46 AM

do they REALLY believe their wont be a demand? Huh? if this was a tour,every single show would sell out.

do they not forget how huge they were, and how influential? these shows will sell out within 24 hrs.

Eraux 11/13/12 01:29 AM

really pulling for a Norfolk VA date like no man's bidness.

iseejosh 11/13/12 06:31 AM

Why didnt anyone care this much when they were still together so they didnt have to break up? The last EP was amazing. Catchy like WIITB but have the progressiveness of SHTSS

therookielot 11/13/12 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by Aphasia17 (Post 115349622)
Holy shit Chicago. Will 100% be at The Metro.

I'm going to be 110% there.

thechrisformat 11/13/12 06:53 AM

Might need to go to Philly, depending on the price.

Johnny Minardi 11/13/12 07:40 AM

Hell yes Chicago

FstFtsVsFences 11/13/12 07:49 AM

This is fantastic news. Finch 2 days after my birthday. Hell. Yes.

bobcatbob18 11/13/12 08:34 AM

I really just want to see Project Mayhem live.

ParkwayTom 11/13/12 09:51 AM

Will be at the Philly show.

RyanGarner 11/13/12 09:55 AM

Interesting, might have to check out the Philly date.