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Ryan Gardner 11/13/12 10:51 AM

Skate and Surf Fest to Release Info Soon?
Are we one step closer to an official announcement of the Skate and Surf Festival? Now both their Facebook and Twitter pages have been updated for the festival.

btown4life 11/13/12 11:08 AM

According to a tweet last week from John D, it will not take place in Asbury Park but somewhere else in Monmouth County. I believe he also said something about Thanksgiving weekend presales.

kidinthebushes 11/13/12 11:11 AM

I'm just interested to see how this shapes up.

TheRealJohnOC 11/13/12 11:38 AM

I heard Black Friday was going to be the first announcement.

EastCoastVans 11/13/12 01:42 PM

As long as it's in Monmouth County, I'm in.

ghelms88 11/13/12 07:58 PM

I'm slightly intrigued. I wanna know how this turns out...