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guitarguy211 11/13/12 06:21 PM

I thought that was a pretty good performance. Song choice wasn't a perfect fit, but it's definitely in the style she's going for. And that power note sold me.

NationalProduct 11/13/12 06:41 PM

lower register is not her strong point but she murders those high notes

Helen Keller. 11/13/12 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by Fringe (Post 115372522)
Just throwing this out there, but Melanie has by far and long the weakest voice in the competition. Sure her tone is unique and cool, but she always goes quiet for the high notes and usually plays it pretty safe; paired with the fact she didn't get enough votes to get into the next live round and had to be saved by Adam, I have a feeling she won't be around too much longer.

For me, I think she's better just because her voice is so much different. The problem I've always had with the Voice is that they almost encourage oversinging, whereas Idol encourages undersinging. I like Trevin and think he has a great voice (I'm not gonna dispute that he won last night with that performance), but I think in terms of pushing boundaries and uniqueness, Melanie is a better choice. (The Trevin thing is in response to whoever mentioned it earlier, I can't figure out how Multi-quote works.)

MATTY-AL4W 11/13/12 07:48 PM

amazing!!! she better win!

boomer08 11/13/12 09:12 PM


Originally Posted by MATTY-AL4W (Post 115385622)
amazing!!! she better win!

I think it's about time for a new AL4W record. What do you think?

bobsheiskawy 11/13/12 11:03 PM

the "big" note was my least favorite part of the performance.

stuckonsmile 11/14/12 12:01 PM

My favorite is Cody. He blows his songs out of the water! I want him to be in the final two.

herestoyoufla 11/14/12 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by stuckonsmile (Post 115404072)
My favorite is Cody. He blows his songs out of the water! I want him to be in the final two.

Have you not heard Trevin, Amanda, or Nicholas?

kbomb001 11/15/12 12:39 AM


Originally Posted by kidinthebushes (Post 115364402)
She gets my vote for the sexiest girl in the scene.

not even, but, she bad, doe

TravisSaidSo 11/15/12 01:48 AM

Damn she's cute

stuckonsmile 11/17/12 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by herestoyoufla (Post 115404132)
Have you not heard Trevin, Amanda, or Nicholas?

Yeah but i am imagining whose album I would actually want to hear.
Trevin: seems like another Ruben Studdard situation/lacks creativity.
Nicholas: I liked him best when he did "Girl put your record on."
Amanda: I think I could really did an album she put out.

But Cody writes his own songs ALREADY. I want to hear what his album would be.