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Drew Beringer 11/13/12 02:28 PM

Circa Survive Release Hurricane Sandy Benefit EP
Circa Survive has released a Hurricane Sandy Benefit EP which you can purchase here.

Submitted by Aperi Oculos

qbin 11/13/12 02:32 PM

yay been waiting for their post-album release bsides, even if it is only one

Hail Lelouch 11/13/12 02:33 PM

damn these guys are such legends

Capulet 11/13/12 02:33 PM

wow opening track is awsome

bobsheiskawy 11/13/12 02:40 PM

that artwork is fucking beautiful.

15 Step 11/13/12 02:43 PM

fuck, my bank account would be at 3 dollars right now.

Crackbaby 11/13/12 02:45 PM

This is really awesome. If the next Circa album would be more in the direction of Brendan's song I would not complain at all.

honkytonk 11/13/12 02:50 PM

Still an Esao cover too, love it. These guys are just really honest, genuine people, it's great.

xtbs7645x 11/13/12 03:08 PM

b-side sounds awesome, will def be buying it!

Skinny blaque 11/13/12 03:17 PM

Most definitely buying this and peace'd out ep Thursday :)

Dirge07 11/13/12 03:19 PM

...where'd my pants go? XD

Ohaidere 11/13/12 03:24 PM

Why is "Battle, My Love" so much better than all the songs on Violent Waves?

CastlesXClouds 11/13/12 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by bobsheiskawy (Post 115373202)
that artwork is fucking beautiful.

straight up this.

weirderthanu210 11/13/12 03:29 PM

I'm just so happy at this moment.

BIGSALE 11/13/12 03:39 PM

the guy that does the covers is great