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ari telescope 11/13/12 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by Nardes (Post 115380772)
They actually recorded both nights! I was at the 11/11 show and they recorded it too... they said they were gonna use footage from both nights for the dvd, which is good because they had some issues at the 11/11 show (Andrew's mic and Bobby's guitar)

That's awesome! It does work better because you have two performances to choose from overall. I wonder if he wore the same shirt haha.

jlinitz 11/13/12 11:53 PM


Originally Posted by kolby182 (Post 115388402)
If you're talking about Bamboozle left in 2007 (i think?) I was there as well when they played it.

Bamboozle 2010 New Jersey

GetUpAndrew 11/14/12 01:36 AM

My favorite song ever. It hurts me every time. Thank you Andrew for writing such a great piece of music.

Johnny Famous 11/14/12 05:39 AM

Goosebumps through-out the whole of that video. Really feels like an end of an era. Like a closing chapter to my childhood (yeah deep i know) Feels kinda sad, but very excited to see whats to come from Andrew. This guy can do no wrong.

Gae 11/14/12 06:18 AM

I never really liked this song until I saw him playing it with SoCo in 2011 in SD, that was magic.

Meeze 11/14/12 10:46 AM

Every. Damn. Time.

mms13 11/14/12 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by Alex DiVincenzo (Post 115373312)
Can't wait to spin this on vinyl

This. Got my preorder in...any idea when they ship?


Originally Posted by kaylasananjou (Post 115375512)
This is my go-to "I'm miserable about everything" song. So many feelings attached to it.

And this.

W/O a Parachute 11/14/12 12:25 PM

sometimes i get tired of music.

but there will always be, no matter what circumstance or situation you are in, songs that melt you. and thats when i fall in love with music again.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/14/12 12:54 PM


Originally Posted by mms13 (Post 115402612)
This. Got my preorder in...any idea when they ship?

And this.

Mine's coming for Enjoy the Ride, and they already have them in stock, so I imagine they start shipping next week. The ones from Andrew's store may take a little longer.

mlecats 11/15/12 08:03 PM


brittolikewoah 12/02/12 01:35 PM


Originally Posted by kismet (Post 115382482)

Happens to the best of us sista.