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Jake Denning 11/13/12 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by Rob McWilliams (Post 115385232)
For about 120 seconds, I convinced myself Jake Denning had been somehow fired.

EternalEclipse 11/13/12 07:53 PM

reminds me of that episode of doctor who

Miketheunicycle 11/13/12 10:38 PM

eh not that bad

Djentleman 11/13/12 11:09 PM

twisted sister are stoked

BobDylanismyman 11/14/12 12:17 AM

i like it. i don't know if i should but i do.

Ann Arbor 11/14/12 02:34 AM

Scrawns 11/14/12 04:11 AM

I enjoy a lot of metalcore, but I just can't do this. The whole nu metal thing seems too forced. I will say this though, Chris Cerulli is a pretty well spoken guy in their interviews.

Born_For_This 11/14/12 06:42 AM

Cool video, although very tame for them. Good song too.

xsinkshipsx 11/14/12 05:41 PM

"we wil find hope within hatred"

shai hulud?

kbomb001 11/14/12 11:22 PM

Chris Motionless sets the bar high for vocalists in his lane

Djentleman 11/15/12 12:42 AM

Jonny Craig, Slipknot, and other bands with talent are somewhere laughing their asses off :lol:

fuckin clown act

SupMikecheck 11/15/12 10:35 AM

So gooood