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danperez 11/13/12 09:38 PM

Wow. I'd feel insulted if some DJ dismissed my guitar parts, like their "womp-womps" were so much more thought-out for the songs.

leftapart 11/13/12 10:43 PM

:uhno:confused head scratch :-|

ballardr 11/13/12 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by leftapart (Post 115390342)
:uhno:confused head scratch :-|

I don't understand what people are confused/surprised about. Bands of all genres are doing remix albums all the time now.

Personally, I usually like a few remixes but end up not liking the rest. I like the "Heartbeat Slowing Down" remix here. Not really into the others, but they're not bad.

racethesun 11/13/12 11:51 PM

are people supposed to want to buy this?

billyboatkid 11/13/12 11:57 PM

Loved Kids In the Street. All these comments tho..

DeeEee1985 11/14/12 03:10 AM

How to ruin AAR songs in one EP...

Xiegfried 11/14/12 07:19 AM


Originally Posted by chcougar1 (Post 115375872)
Aw. Seems like it is just remixes?

Well, shit. Didn't even see the titles from my phone.

Searos 11/14/12 08:28 AM

Kids In The Street is easily their best album but these remixes just sound bad.

nananaja003 11/09/15 02:06 AM

I'll have to check this out later.