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Alex DiVincenzo 11/13/12 03:22 PM

Chelsea Grin Post "Don't Ask Don't Tell" Music Video
Watch Chelsea Grin's music video for "Don't Ask Don't Tell" in the replies.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/13/12 03:22 PM

A Head 11/13/12 07:30 PM

The thumbnail alone makes the frontman look like a tool bag.

yogidabearoin 11/13/12 07:51 PM

Shout out David Flinn

iAMhollyood315 11/13/12 09:17 PM

salt flats in Utah? where underoath filmed a video?

Djentleman 11/13/12 11:08 PM

whitechapel's annoying lil scene brother

bite2brkskn12 11/13/12 11:50 PM

when did Chelsea grin start singing?

_><_ 11/14/12 02:02 AM

The vocalist looks so out of place in that band haha.

Born_For_This 11/14/12 06:41 AM

awful band.

ChaseTx 11/14/12 10:37 AM

Someone repeal it!

Kidding, didn't listen.

WarmThoughts 11/14/12 10:45 AM

Their first ep was kinda fun when I listened as a lil tyke in highschool.

beauvais910 11/14/12 11:16 AM

You have got to be kidding me.

mitchellam 11/14/12 02:57 PM