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Thomas Nassiff 11/14/12 08:10 AM

Be Part of Something Comp Offers New Songs from Real Friends, Last Call
Real Friends, Last Call and Fingers Crossed have exclusive new songs available for free download via the Team Pagano Be Part of Something compilation, presented by PropertyOfZack. The comp also includes Pentimento, Handguns, With The Punches, I Call Fives, Mixtapes and more, and can be downloaded here.

ViTOP 11/14/12 08:13 AM

So many people were checking it out last night !!

Special thanks to Soupy for being "Part of Something" and creating a buzz.
Fact is, he was all in from the start and the dude was able to take a few minutes from writing a new record, recording demos, touring, skateboarding with his girlfriend and whatever other shit he has going on to help get some labels to approve everything in order to help out some friends and other lesser known bands get heard.

That's a stand up move.

Some of the bands letting 'US" have some exclusive downloads is very humbling.
Download the thing !! its free and fits on a single CD and plays pretty well start to finish on a long drive.


daftpunker45 11/14/12 08:20 AM

Sounds great. Pick up the new Real Friends EP while you're at it.

ViTOP 11/14/12 08:25 AM

These are all must haves !!

Real Freinds http://realfriends.bandcamp.com/

Pentimento http://pentimentony.bandcamp.com/

Last Call Pre-Order http://brokenarrowcllctv.storenvy.com/

Fingers Crossed Annoucing New Release Soon but def check out http://fingerscrossed.bandcamp.com/

Thomas Nassiff 11/14/12 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by ViTOP (Post 115396022)
skateboarding with his girlfriend and whatever other shit he has going on

i lol'ed

SincerelyMe 11/14/12 08:29 AM

This is awesome. Thanks for putting this together!

Zack Zarrillo 11/14/12 08:34 AM

Thanks to everyone who checks this out!

ViTOP 11/14/12 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by Thomas Nassiff (Post 115396572)
i lol'ed

If I told you he made most of those calls while using the bathroom, would that make it any less awkward.
I promised.... I wouldn't tell so PLZ dont say anything.

xBranx 11/14/12 08:37 AM

Free music for everyone!

ViTOP 11/14/12 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by xBranx (Post 115396962)
Free music for everyone!

and A LOT of it !!

01 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 1
02 Pentimento - "Circles" 04:13
03 Last Call - "Glassell St." 03:18
04 I Can See Mountains - "Dirt" (My Buddy, My Pal) 03:04
05 Young English - "Woke Up Under Water" 04:16
06 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 2
07 Handguns - "Fade Away" 03:31
08 With The Punches - "Bad Pennies" 03:45
09 Forever Came Calling - "If Bukowski Could See Me Now " 02:05
10 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 3
11 Heartwell - "Yul Brenner (Go Get Your Palace) 02:28
12 Finger Crossed - "Joy of All Who Sorrow" 02:22
13 Casting Call - "Something Better" 03:45
14 Far From Proper - "Oak Groove" 02:44
15 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 4
16 I Was A Hero - "2011" 01:17
17 The American Scene - "Just Say It" 03:17
18 Kevin Cale "Until The Day I Die" - SOTY Cover 04:05
19 Doses - "Fire When Ready" 03:11
20 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 5
21 I Call Fives - "Late Nights" 03:09
22 Freshman 15 - "Phoenix Can Keep You" 02:55
23 State Champs - "Critical" 03:22
24 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 6
25 Driver Friendly - "Ghosts" 01:53
26 Real Friends - "Alexander Super Tramp" 01:27
27 Born Without Bones "Out of Step" 03:54
28 Last Call - "Bones" 03:14
29 Dan "SOUPY" Campbell - Call # 7
30 Mixtapes - "Mt. Hope" Featuring Dan Soupy Campbell

MikeYabs 11/14/12 10:18 AM

This comp is really rad. All of the bands on it are great, and those soupy vocemails crack me up.

ViTOP 11/14/12 10:29 AM

A few folks pointed out some silly things yesterday I thought would go unnoticed ...

1. The first lyrics of the comp start out with .. "I'm just a voice on the phone" c/o Pentimento
( there was never any doubt it needed to start that way)

2. Yeah I Call Fives is placed by Call #5

3 All the "Boney" dudes are together (RealFriends - Born Without Bones - "Bones" by Last Call)

Shaymojack 11/14/12 10:38 AM

I did notice all the boney dudes, wasn't really sure whether it was a coincide or not!

waybackhome 11/14/12 11:05 AM

So lucky to have Pentimento be a part of this. We're honored and so happy for the opportunity to hang with so many great bands on a comp put out by the most incredible people known to man.

The_Effort 11/14/12 11:52 AM

Is it the re-recording of glassell st or the one from 12:57?

Either way, downloading when I'm off work. This is a cool comp.