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Kyle Huntington 11/14/12 08:36 AM

Foals Perform New Track On Jools
Hit the replies to watch Foals performing a new track titled "My Number" from their forthcoming album Holy Fire live on Later...with Jools Holland.

Kyle Huntington 11/14/12 08:36 AM

perry_mason 11/14/12 09:33 AM

the new album is going to be epic.

Jeff_Ryan 11/14/12 09:46 AM

This will be their best album yet

Arry 11/14/12 11:00 AM

such a groove, i love it

Wutz 11/14/12 11:11 AM

"...is no longer available..."


BlackpoolLights 11/14/12 12:23 PM


MILFCORE 11/14/12 01:02 PM

Didn't really like Inhaler, but this sounds pretty good.

PetitnaindesĪles 11/14/12 01:38 PM

so good, february is too far away

TheRxBandit 11/14/12 04:51 PM

I wish I could grow as dense of a beard as the lead singer. That shit looks like fur.

Jerold Sunga 11/14/12 05:08 PM

I feel like they release the songs too early. But who cares? New tracks are great.

birtcho 11/15/12 04:08 AM

That song is so fucking good

Octarene 11/15/12 05:18 PM

great track, cant want for holy fire (is this a herb ref?) and it sounds like they are definitely staying true to their sound.