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Jason Tate 11/14/12 08:59 AM

Hayley Williams Featured in New "Hard n' Phirm" Song
Hayley Williams (Paramore) is featured in a new song by the comedy duo Hard n' Phirm. Check the replies.

Jason Tate 11/14/12 08:59 AM

zachff 11/14/12 09:07 AM

Some days, the jokes just write themselves.

irthesteve 11/14/12 09:12 AM

so this is what kids find funny these days, huh?

SpyKi 11/14/12 09:27 AM

what the fuck man. why?

shwaz499 11/14/12 09:29 AM

love nerdist... hardwicks the mans

fennmacon 11/14/12 09:29 AM

I just watched their Pi video the other day. Great song from like 7 years ago, but this is a one joke premise that doesn't go far and isn't super great at all

formated4tv 11/14/12 09:33 AM

I want so hard to laugh at this video, or even crack a smile, but this just seems ridiculous in the shitty way.

weirderthanu210 11/14/12 09:36 AM

why did i click on this

dgf1811 11/14/12 09:39 AM

da fuq?

Rodeo 11/14/12 09:50 AM

This is an abomination.

fbrrocks 11/14/12 09:51 AM

what did i just watch

Thomas Nassiff 11/14/12 10:16 AM

this missed the mark so hard

prefix-core 11/14/12 10:22 AM

The world needs more Chris Hardiwck, but a li'l less Hard N' Phirm. Just not into it.

_><_ 11/14/12 10:28 AM

Oh wow.