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EatShit182 11/14/12 04:42 PM

Chris Hardwick is awesome, but this is just stupid.

Matt Chylak 11/14/12 05:30 PM

what a headline. at least it wasn't a "hard n' phirm" video

thesollopsist 11/14/12 09:17 PM

This takes the cake. One of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

blackmold 11/14/12 09:53 PM

I've hated this meme since before I even knew exactly what it was. This video/song sucks, by the way.

xRhysx 11/14/12 11:58 PM

Can somebody give me my 4 minutes back, Please.
That was horrible.

kbomb001 11/15/12 12:48 AM

when you don't look on the on-screen lyrics, you can't understand a word

jings 11/15/12 01:50 AM

Holy damn.

That was fucking atrocious.

xxshawn 11/15/12 04:15 AM

I love Chris Hardwick. Love Hayley WillIams. Hate the "ermahgerd" meme. Didn't dig this very much.

dunkinsdonut 11/15/12 09:25 AM

That was ersome

heavydistortion 11/15/12 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by irthesteve (Post 115397922)
so this is what kids find funny these days, huh?

sad, isn't it?