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Jason Tate 11/14/12 11:24 AM

twenty|one|pilots Video Teaser
twenty|one|pilots' (Sidebar: Do I really have to type it this way? It's ridiculous.) new music video teaser is in the replies.

Submitted by k_traylor92

Jason Tate 11/14/12 11:24 AM

dangerofthought 11/14/12 12:02 PM

Looks legit. Love these guys, hope they have big things in their future.

Sidebar: Are we going to hear about how much AP.net Staff members hate the way they stylize their name? No one will use it when typing a message to their friends, but for an official news release like on AP.net it can't be that big of a deal can it?

bobsheiskawy 11/14/12 12:14 PM

i'm going to say i don't really like this right now, but will probably end up being a fan in the future.

buckcheeks 11/14/12 03:25 PM

But, but, but...I wanna hear something that's actually NEW.

Ades.B 11/15/12 02:34 AM

The full videos up now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature...= ktBMxkLUIwY

Dirge07 11/15/12 03:09 AM

I can definitely see this band blowing up in the future.

SkateFirm21 11/15/12 10:56 AM

got to see them in this really small burrito shop, and they were amazing.