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Thomas Nassiff 11/14/12 11:31 AM

Peelander Z Nervous Energies Session
The latest installment of Nervous Energies comes from Peelander Z. Head to the replies to watch videos of "Ninja High School" and "Taco Taco Tacos."

Thomas Nassiff 11/14/12 11:31 AM

ChaseTx 11/14/12 12:19 PM

nice, gotta check this out this evening

anthonydarko 11/14/12 12:28 PM

Love this so much.

Manix011 11/14/12 01:09 PM

Saw them on Halloween. Best show of my life.

Jaytothesyg 11/14/12 02:30 PM

Lol what the fuck is this!

MikeYabs 11/14/12 02:45 PM

hahaha peelander z is the best!

PerfectChaos337 11/14/12 06:45 PM

Saw these guys in NYC a few years ago opening for a friend's band who plays a similar style of music. Peelander Z is one of the weirdest, yet most awesome live bands I've seen. Just pure humorous chaos. I'd recommend their live show to anyone, whether you enjoy this kind of stuff or not. The tunes can be pretty cool though.