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billyboatkid 11/14/12 05:00 PM

Awesome news. Awesome first or second signing? Can't wait for new Hello. Still spin Would it Kill You all the time.

oneATEtwo 11/14/12 05:01 PM

Excellent.. Still listen to would it kill you? Alot.. Something you misplaced is probably my favourite album closer of all time

avarice14 11/14/12 05:32 PM


Originally Posted by SpyKi (Post 115408602)
where'd you hear that?

If you listen to the live versions of the new songs, it's apparent. I think Forrest has talked about it in recent interviews and stuff too.

BozzBlonde 11/14/12 05:33 PM

The fact that Hellogoodbye is dabbling towards M83 elements may have just kicked this up to my most anticipated for next year.

Blen 11/14/12 06:00 PM

Stoked to hear new stuff from these guys. Loved their last record.

bobsheiskawy 11/14/12 07:20 PM

this is the most important part to me at this juncture:

"a Would It Kill You? re-release (special vinyl and a live acoustic party set bundle)"

luqmanhakim 11/14/12 07:37 PM

Dat clip.

jdr277 11/14/12 08:04 PM

I wasn't a big fan of this band... That was until they released WIKY? and completely blew me away. That album was an amazing piece of pop magic. I'm so excited for the follow up, should be great!

guitarguy211 11/14/12 08:09 PM

Now Old Friends just needs to sign The Narrative.

hectorial85 11/15/12 02:06 PM

Super excited for this one. Wasn't the biggest fan of the early stuff apart from a few guilty pleasures but WIKY is brilliant and still on high rotation for me/would probably be one of my all time fave albums. It is flawless. I picked up the cream vinyl when that came out and I'm very tempted to snag one of these re-issues even though I've got the bonus tracks already. Their Daytrotter sessions and live Barnstormer set are fantastic too.