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MyJukeboxBroke 11/14/12 06:37 PM

Don't feed the troll.

Happy bday out to him

daftpunker45 11/14/12 08:23 PM

Happy birthday!

saintnumberfive 11/14/12 09:48 PM

What's his age again?

Damn it, I'm ashamed I just did that... :-/

tinylilnative 11/14/12 10:08 PM

Next thing we know he's gonna have some midlife crisis where he dumps his wife and covers his whole body with tattoos. Oh wait...

bobcatbob18 11/14/12 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by TheModernAge (Post 115411912)
Wait, does Travis drive a late 90's model Pontiac Grand Prix?

Spot on.

Happy bday to a big inspiration of mine. Jammed Box Car so hard last night.

TomAce 11/14/12 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by Djentleman (Post 115414042)
scott raynor isn't stoked

bringing that one back, eh?