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Drew Beringer 11/14/12 03:21 PM

Mayday Parade Aiming For Fall 2013 Release
In a recent interview with PropertyOfZack, Mayday Parade is aiming to record in February or March for an early-fall release. They are currently label-free but will be signing a deal in the near future.
From The InterviewWe haven’t as a band come together yet, but I have a lot of ideas that I’m really excited about. We all have ideas. We’ve started to show each other some of them, but once we get done with touring we’ll get together and start working on new stuff. Hopefully we can go to the studio in February or March. We’ll have to see how it goes. That’s the plan for now.

George_mm 11/14/12 03:31 PM

Curious as to how much it will sell first week

Rysker6 11/14/12 03:34 PM

I loved their last record, was nice to hear them return to form. Really excited to hear some new stuff.

PunkInfluence09 11/14/12 03:36 PM

After finally sounding like Mayday Parade again on their last record, I'm incredibly excited to see how they can expand upon it on their next release. It has so much potential to be amazing.

Spencer Control 11/14/12 03:43 PM

I'm stoked. Self-titled was amazing, and hopefully they'll continue being good ol' Mayday.

omgitsyvette 11/14/12 03:50 PM

aaaaand i'm happy.

MikeyJam 11/14/12 03:59 PM

feels like the last record came out just yesterday but it's been a year already, hasn't it? time flies

Clockwork00 11/14/12 04:00 PM

Loved their last album. Really hoping they experiment a little more with this one, though.

kismet 11/14/12 04:16 PM

I'm so excited. The self titled is really great.

billyboatkid 11/14/12 04:59 PM

Loved S/T. Can't wait for this

Searos 11/14/12 05:11 PM

If they continue int the direction of their self title than I have no doubt the album will be good. I love the instrumentals of that album. It was so well produced and sounded so good. They should just move over to hopeless. I feel at this point in their career they would sound better on Hopeless than Fearless. Fearless has become such a pop-scenecore label.

Kris_Gontz9 11/14/12 05:17 PM

The last album was really good, so stoked :)

StayFaithful 11/14/12 06:32 PM

Beyond excited. Have always loved and supported this band.

Gae 11/14/12 07:01 PM

I loved most of the ST and the EP. Can't wait for this

DisenShaanted 11/14/12 07:09 PM

Hope this drops on Valentines so I can have a soundtrack to my crying alone.

bobsheiskawy 11/14/12 07:17 PM

can't wait.

p93 11/14/12 07:39 PM

I'm very ashamed of how long I put off listened to their latest album. It's incredibly solid and a great comeback after the second record. I'm excited for what they'll do next.

guitarguy211 11/14/12 07:55 PM

I can't wait for this to come out. It'll probably be in my top albums for next year.

bite2brkskn12 11/14/12 10:17 PM

last album was fucking amazing. Just saw them a couple weeks ago and they blew me away. This is going to be one of my most anticipated of 2013 for sure

Archael 11/15/12 06:12 AM


Originally Posted by The Meech (Post 115426522)
hate to say it but no Jason Lancaster = no care. Find them so boring now.

honestly, ALIR isn't that much better than s/t although it is definitely better

I have now come to the conclusion that their debut EP is by far their strongest work

RyanPm40 11/15/12 07:45 AM

How is february or march part of the fall...? Feb is winter, March is spring.


Just realized it said that they want to RECORD in feb or march. My bad!

HeyItsAllyssa 11/15/12 09:52 AM

Beyond excited for this. I noticed this is a trend for them to record in late Winter/early Spring then release in the Fall. Either way I can't wait for what they release. I'm glad they continue to sell and can keep putting out good music :)

SaintSammy17 11/15/12 10:25 AM


Originally Posted by The Meech (Post 115426522)
hate to say it but no Jason Lancaster = no care. Find them so boring now.


Fringe 11/15/12 02:26 PM

Last album was awesome, hopefully this turns out well

mayday_fan1221 11/15/12 03:58 PM

Label free? I thought they were signed to Fearless? Anyone know what happened?

billyboatkid 11/16/12 06:09 PM

Maybe they'll get resigned to Good Old Friends or whatever it's called. That would be cool.

ProjectSLC 11/27/12 08:59 AM

We had a chance to sit down with Derek during this tour. He talked about Punk Goes Pop, how he started in music and a little about the new release.