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Christian Wagner 11/15/12 05:36 AM

ABSOLUTExclusive: Greeley Estates Song Premiere
We've got a new track from Greeley Estates called "Die" which comes from the band's forthcoming album The Narrow Road. The independently produced and recorded album will be self-released by the band after the group amicably parted ways with its long-time label, Tragic Hero Records. Head to the band's AP.net profile to listen to the song and leave your thoughts in the replies.

Christian Wagner 11/15/12 05:37 AM

Press ReleaseGreeley Estates have announced November 20th as their release day for the highly anticipated new album THE NARROW ROAD. The album was completely produced and recorded by the band themselves and mastered by Joey Sturgis.

“THE NARROW ROAD is just full of intense heavy songs that hopefully get people hyped,” stated front man Ryan Zimmerman. “Each song deals with its own issue and goes its own direction musically.”

Greeley Estates amicably departed from their long time label home, Tragic Hero, earlier this year, choosing to produce and record THE NARROW ROAD completely independently, a decision hinging on the band’s love and confidence in their fan base:

“It was time for us to make a change. We felt like we have been doing this long enough and our fans have had our back since the start, so why have a label?”

Greeley Estates’ THE NARROW ROAD will be available on iTunes November 20th.

The new track "Die" represents the best of what we've come to know from Greeley Estates; an intensely straightforward offering which the band wishes to leave open for interpretation.

THE NARROW ROAD is only the beginning of the Greeley Estates story. Look for the conclusion, Devil Son, coming in early 2013

Greeley Estates is:
Ryan Zimmerman (Vocals)
Brandon Hackenson (Guitar)
David Ludlow (Guitar)
Chris Julian (Drums)
Kyle Koelsch (Bass)

colean 11/15/12 06:50 AM

Sounds pretty heavy, more than i thought it would, and its good i think! And they're rite, why have a label?! LOL

RabidNewz 11/15/12 07:02 AM

Listened to this song a ton when they released it temporarily awhile back. It's such a kickass track.

Alex DiVincenzo 11/15/12 07:16 AM

Never been a big fan, but this is the best song I've heard from these guys.

Spencer Control 11/15/12 08:34 AM

Digging it a lot. And the recording sounds better too. Nice.

lfjlol 11/15/12 10:25 AM

pretty sure i only comment on greeley estates and dance gavin dance threads. anyways, i am absolutely loving the tracks released for the upcoming ep. Since "Go West" these guys have been my absolute favorite band. Cannot wait for the 20th. Def will be buying online and supporting them.

TerrancePryor 11/15/12 11:36 AM


Originally Posted by colean (Post 115429802)
Sounds pretty heavy, more than i thought it would, and its good i think! And they're rite, why have a label?! LOL

Its probably because Tragic Hero barely promotes anything anymore. Not worth being on a label like that.

shawnPLAGUES 11/15/12 11:40 AM

Props to these guys for still keeping on.

Born_For_This 11/15/12 01:07 PM

Good track. Sounds less like it was recorded in a washing machine.

SteveD 11/15/12 03:56 PM

This bands never lets me down.

marsvoltamcr 11/15/12 04:33 PM

one of the best bands in their scene, hands down.

cdow 11/15/12 05:43 PM

Much respect to Greeley. Been around for a while now and still bringing solid heavy stuff like this.

leftapart 11/15/12 05:44 PM

Definitely like this more than anything they've done. Color me excited!

rocknroll365 11/15/12 06:52 PM

one solid heavy ass band. i hope being label free works better for these guys. really had the chance to go places after go west and really didn't seem to happen. not sure if that's the labels fault or management group. either way this band deserves to be touring on big tours over a lot of the jokes out there. glad to see they are still at it for the love of the music and their fans, nothing else.

brighteye 11/15/12 08:28 PM

Haven't listened to the song yet but do they not sing anymore? He had a decent voice?

BobDylanismyman 11/16/12 03:09 AM

its nice to see these responses... when it was announced a couple days ago everyone was hating. not saying it was any of the commenters here in particular but its good to see a band surprising people none the less. I think the new stuff sounds killer.