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Kyle Huntington 11/15/12 11:13 AM

Local Natives Tease
Watch a teaser video from Local Natives titled "Moving Parts" in the replies. Their forthcoming album Hummingbird which was produced by Aaron Dessner (The National) is released on January 28th.

Kyle Huntington 11/15/12 11:13 AM

Chris Collum 11/15/12 11:33 AM

Was not aware Dessner produced this. Even more awesome.

Kyle Thrash 11/15/12 11:41 AM


seymourbuttes 11/15/12 11:41 AM

What a coincidence... I just discovered this band yesterday.

MXP 11/15/12 04:07 PM

Want this SOOO bad!!!

ibelieveinjake 11/16/12 02:16 AM

Look at dem tape reels a-spinnin'. Dessner and Local Natives seems like the perfect formula for a perfect album.

kyleYM&EWK 11/16/12 08:29 AM

AOTY contender.

mikenewsbears 11/19/12 09:08 AM


Originally Posted by kyleYM&EWK (Post 115464462)
AOTY contender.