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TheDemosRock 11/15/12 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by brighteye (Post 115453722)
I am in NO way saying she's a good singer, but how can autotune make THAT huge of a difference. Even I've messed with it before and you had to be pretty damn close to the note to sound 'natural'

I just don't get how autotune when used correctly can change someone from sucking at singing to not sounding bad at all? I understand pitch correction, but it doesn't make THAT drastic of a difference, just keeps you on key.

For an artist like Kesha, autotune can have a very drastic effect. Sounding natural isn't always a priority.

brighteye 11/15/12 08:47 PM

Even in songs where she actually sings the raw track had to be pretty close to being completely on key. You need some vocal talent to sound how she does after being autotuned. It's not like anyone can sound as 'good' as her with autotune.

Guess I just can't tell its obviously autotuned?

Avalanche1 11/15/12 09:30 PM

This is awesome.

xJesusFreakx 11/16/12 06:14 AM

That sounded great. Love her voice. Only criticism is that the second verse's lyrics sound goofy and lame when taken from an anthem and mellowed out.

Krs-One 11/16/12 11:21 AM

yolo, die young, america fuck yeah

ya dig?

SteveD 11/16/12 12:35 PM

I actually didn't hate this.

Who Is Ryan? 11/16/12 05:58 PM

Love it. Way better than the original

WarmThoughts 11/18/12 04:20 PM

So good,