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gregxthor 11/15/12 09:54 PM

they need to know who my baby daddy is

cereal4life 11/16/12 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by Nowisnotthetime (Post 115449782)
I'm 28. I'm old as shit and I still love this music while others my age have flocked to lo-fi indie pastures. I've loved Anthony Green since I saw him play with Saosin while in college at USC at the small coffee venue.

Every one of these shows require that tall older guy creepily singing along among a mass of young girls. I would like to be that creepy old guy. Thank you.

C'mon Drew, this guys has GOT to win.

imposs1ble 11/16/12 04:00 AM

I run a music store, and I strive to show my employees how much I appreciate their hard work and dedication. Every time a new circa or anthony green album comes out, some of the kids freak out because I put on one of those two mixes to promote the new album. They were stoked this year, as we got releases from both of them. They promote the hell out of anthony's stuff to get more people to buy it and introduce people to his music. They are the last people to get the product to the customer, and they do it for the musicians they love.

Basically, at this time of year especially, I do my damnedest to show how thankful I am for their efforts. Its a stressful time of year in retail, and I try to give these kids everything that I can, but sometimes its not much more than that $8/hour paycheck. They put in long hours, deal with unruly assholes, clean up after people, and do it all with smiles on their faces and a willingness to make my job as stress free as possible. So the long and short of why I want these tickets is so that I can give BOTH of them to a couple of kids that are busting their asses, not only for anthony green, and not only for musicians in general, but also for me. They've stuck by my side through thick and thin, done more than I could ask or expect of them, and make my day to day a better experience. They deserve it, and i'd love to be able to give this to them.

savestheday3x3 11/16/12 05:40 PM

Why I want the tickets? Well I saw his solo tour with Good Old War and Person L a while back, he played all of avalon and it was one of the most intimate shows I ever been to. Considering Beautiful Things is IMO twice as creative as Avalon, I would loose my shit at this show. The energy he brings with a simple acoustic guitar is beyond all other artists, but thats also because his fans sing louder then he does. The main reason though is because my friend Anthony Costa is more obsessed with Green then I am.. Unfortunately Green canceled his show at Looney Tunes over the summer and my friend couldn't make it to the rescheduled show. He is an Green FANATIC and has still not seen him, I would love to bring him to experience the magic man himself.