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Christian Wagner 11/15/12 08:34 PM

The Everymen Releases 52 Track Hurricane Sandy Compilation
The Everymen has created a compilation to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims. Artists include The Front Bottoms, Nicole Atkins, Those Mockingbirds, and more. A press release with more info can be found in the replies.

Christian Wagner 11/15/12 08:34 PM

Press ReleaseWe are inextricably linked to where we come from. Like it or not, where you come from is who you are. And as a band from the Jersey Shore, we will always be from the Jersey Shore, no matter where our practice space is, no matter where we call home, no matter exactly how far from the Jersey Shore we travel. We're a Jersey Shore rock and roll band and we're always going to be a Jersey Shore rock and roll band.

We may have moved on from those roots. We may now live in Big Cities and commute to work on subway trains, yet still we are the Jersey Shore. And the Jersey Shore is still us. It is the blood coursing through the veins of our band. It's hot summer days on the boardwalks and the beaches. It's cold winter lonesomeness when the only people left on the Jersey Shore are the locals. It's a bond that we share with anyone who lives near the ocean and it's that bond that only those people could ever understand. Because just as the Shore is us, so are our brothers and sisters, all of whom have been touched by this storm's wrath. They are us and we are them and while we may no longer call the Jersey Shore home, we stand with them now and forever.

This missive is of my own heart and comes from the heart of The Everymen. That is all. Everyone on this compilation has been affected by this storm and everyone has their own story.
Hey Sandy, We're Still Here is a rock and roll benefit featuring bands from near and far, all of whom have some connection to the areas affected by Sandy.
Among its dozens of tracks, Hey Sandy features a new song from Shark River Hill's Nicole Atkins, a b-side from Ridgewood's Real Estate, a never-before-heard track by Jersey City's American Watercolor Movement, a song from La Sera (aka Kickball Katy), an early interview of a young Neil Hamburger by a pre-Best Show (and one of Jersey's favorite sons) Tom Scharpling, a brand new song from Tuckerton's The Everymen, a new track from Bayonne's Cold Fur which boasts former members of Rye Coalition, songs from Those Mockingbirds, Cinema Cinema, pow wow!, Holy City Zoo and I Am The Heat, along with contributions from bands and artists from all across New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. We even went bi-coastal and scored a track from Los Angeles indie rockers NO.

For a minimum donation of $5 (after $5, it's pay what you want with absolutely no maximum) you can get all the songs on this compilation, with your donation going straight to the American Red Cross.

Visit http://theeverymen.bandcamp.com/albu...ricane-benefit to purchase.

DemBitties 11/16/12 08:40 PM

I'm fairly sure people already know all about The Front Bottoms, but please, please, PLEASE give a listen to Those Mockingbirds and Waking Lights.

You can't go wrong for a good cause, and you'd also be supporting some awesome bands by peeping their music and getting a taste of what they have to offer. Much love to the bands holding down the local scene, coming out strong on this comp! :)