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Symphonicaxiom 11/18/12 01:35 AM

lol, love this.

Formatfun 11/18/12 02:50 PM

No. I refuse. She is horrible.

brook183 11/18/12 05:08 PM

She would be sipping on a Budweiser. This is just awful.

PopPunkKid 11/18/12 06:38 PM

actually like this more than Die Young, but probably because I generally prefer major key stuff over minor key when it comes to my bubblegummy pop. Super catchy stuff.

mishima 11/19/12 03:14 AM

Kesha, Rihanna, Kanye West ... where the fuck is this site going to?

Manufactured Dreams 11/19/12 01:34 PM

Damn this is good! Stoked for this album!