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Jason Tate 11/16/12 01:10 PM

New Kevin Devine Next Year
Kevin Devine hopes to have a new album out in the second half of 2013.

Submitted by Keele

Zummy 11/16/12 01:20 PM

Great news!

phaynes1 11/16/12 01:25 PM


irthesteve 11/16/12 01:36 PM


gman610 11/16/12 01:57 PM

And it will be awesome, as always.

Theow593 11/16/12 02:04 PM

He quickly quickly became one of my favorite artists, can't wait for this.

AMackChuck 11/16/12 02:27 PM

yes yes yes yes x 10thousand

Boywithacoin 11/16/12 02:40 PM

brook183 11/16/12 02:48 PM

Man is a machine.

InfiniteArms 11/16/12 04:22 PM

I'm okay with this.

NateFoundGlory 11/16/12 04:22 PM

Such great news. Concrete and Clouds is an amazing.album.

abandonship 11/16/12 05:42 PM

awesome news

thesollopsist 11/16/12 11:19 PM

Glad to hear it. Last one kinda disappointed me.

loudasallgetout 11/17/12 07:55 AM

Man works fast...

CavanaughPark 11/17/12 09:04 AM

Yay yay yay. Also, someone please buy me the new vinyl pressing of Split The Country for christmas. It looks awesome.