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Drew Beringer 11/16/12 03:27 PM

Kanye Remixes Rihanna's "Diamonds"
In the replies you can listen to a remix of Rihanna's "Diamonds" featuring a lengthy opening verse from Kanye West.

Drew Beringer 11/16/12 03:27 PM


JustAHomeBoy 11/16/12 03:31 PM

Well, I still don't like the original, but there's something about Kanye's delivery in this that I just love. His enthusiasm, maybe. Whatever's the case, I actually really like this remix.

incognitojones 11/16/12 03:31 PM

Man I love how stoked he sounds on himself.

emo_boo 11/16/12 03:48 PM

kanye kills it.

Keagan Ilvonen 11/16/12 03:55 PM

Killlllllllllin' it

blimpcityhero11 11/16/12 03:55 PM

See: Katy Perry's "ET" remix

Keagan Ilvonen 11/16/12 03:56 PM

Flow reminds me of Late Registration. Loving all of this throwback Ye style.

honkytonk 11/16/12 04:02 PM

He snapped on this, Ye's the fuckin' man

dani1292 11/16/12 04:19 PM

Kanye sounds great, as usual; but my goodness is that original song annoying as fuck.

Chris Collum 11/16/12 04:34 PM

Yeah Kanye sounded awesome. Stopped listening when Rihanna came in.

Dustin Harkins 11/16/12 04:40 PM

On that Diamonds remix, I swore he spazzed.

brokencyde 11/16/12 05:17 PM

100x better than his Katy Perry remix.

Makes the song a whole lot better.

Who Is Ryan? 11/16/12 05:31 PM


JustAHomeBoy 11/16/12 05:31 PM


Originally Posted by blimpcityhero11 (Post 115477762)
See: Katy Perry's "ET" remix

I love Kanye, but that remix is terrible.