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Keagan Ilvonen 11/16/12 03:52 PM

The Rosebuds Cover Sade and Giveaway Album For Free
The Rosebuds have covered Sade's Love Deluxe in its entirety, which you can download for free.

EndlessPrisoner 11/16/12 03:59 PM

whoa. this is a super cool concept. let's see if it's as good as The Darcys' rendition of AJA.

pillbox remedy 11/16/12 04:33 PM

wow. impressive!

kazuma_ootaro28 11/16/12 07:31 PM

First misread it as Lovers Rock which would've been cool if they covered "By Your Side". But this still looks awesome. Listening later.

CatchTheBreeze 11/17/12 02:31 PM


InHyding,Maybe 11/17/12 04:31 PM

don't care about any of this except that whoever wrote this used the wrong form of the to be verb "it's"

condescendingly ending poor grammar one post at a time