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Drew Beringer 11/16/12 04:32 PM

Facedown Signs Those Who Fear
Those Who Fear has signed with Facedown Records.

I am Mick 11/16/12 06:29 PM

I know most of these dudes. Super happy for them

incognitojones 11/16/12 06:59 PM

Some of the nicest dudes i have ever met, and they bring the mosh. Stoked for them.

xJesusFreakx 11/17/12 03:53 PM

My first reaction after hearing this was, "Oh, snap!" My next was, "About time." Remember seeing them live almost a dozen times with their old vocalist, lol.

Don't know any of them personally, and haven't heard about them in quite a while, but still pretty happy for them.

botDs-r 11/17/12 07:41 PM

i thought it read Tears With Fears at first, so I got all confused

Capulet 11/17/12 11:18 PM

solid band

xforeverchanged 11/18/12 05:58 PM

So glad to see this band getting love here. Tired of seeing people piss on them because they "chug". So what? They go harder than a lot of bands out there, and their song structuring is actually fairly unique.

Bringin' the moosh.