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Ryan Gardner 11/18/12 10:16 AM

Staff Recommendations: November 18th, 2012
Why do you stay until you see blood?
Ryan GardnerThe new Pentimento, P.O.S., Bad Books, and Anberlin records
Alex DiVincenzoDefinitely grab the new Pentimento, and donate if you like it (you will). Speaking of donations, The Swellers are donating 100% of digital sales of their killer new EP, Running Out of Places to Go, to Occupy: Sandy Relief NYC. And the new Geoff Rickly mixtape is cool.
Kelly DohertyAtom And His Package's Hair: Debatable has been cheering me up all week, Titus Andronicus' Local Business is a highlight of their back catalogue and Noah Gundersen is a recommendation for anyone who likes folk of any type.

Jeff_Ryan 11/18/12 10:28 AM

My week

I also finally saw the new Spider-Man and I absolutely loved it

jordalsh 11/18/12 10:38 AM

bought some CDs on ebay, been listening to them:

The Academy Is...-Almost Here, Santi
Forgive Durden- Wonderland

EDIT: also, Why does the weight fall upon us??

gr33ndayfr3ak 11/18/12 10:40 AM

Listened to the alt-J (∆) record for the first time, and was hooked, so I've been listening to that almost nonstop, with the new From Indian Lakes record playing when that's not.

Johnny Minardi 11/18/12 11:00 AM

New Deftones.
New Kids These Days (Free download on their site http://kidsthesedaysband.com) - Great record for a sunday.

brook183 11/18/12 11:34 AM

Still spinning the shit out of the new Deftones. Also, Fleet Foxes s/t.

David_Yarz 11/18/12 11:44 AM

Metz self titled still.
Alt-J - An Awesome Wave
Tame Impala - Lonerism
Circa Survive <3
Never Shout never - Indigo
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind

dhayes 11/18/12 11:45 AM

How To Destroy Angels- An Omen
Crystal Castles- (III)

COREhorizon 11/18/12 11:46 AM

Listening to Metronomy - The Look because it's the chillest song I've found this month.

suicidalmoose 11/18/12 12:13 PM

still digging the new Bloc Party LP and The Swellers EP and I started listening to Pentimento's record a few days ago, and it seems to be pretty good aswell. so go listen to it people, it's free!

Guitarfreak182 11/18/12 12:23 PM

Slick Shoes - Self Titled
MxPx - Life In General
I've started checking out Joyce Manor and Sunny Day Real Estate's LP2

chordsforacure 11/18/12 01:35 PM

Atom and His Package was on my podcast 2 months ago. He was crazy down to earth and nice with lots of great stories to tell.

KidASquared 11/18/12 01:58 PM

Joyce Manor - Of All I Will Soon Grow Tired
Neutral Milk Hotel - In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Wilco - Kicking Television: Live in Chicago

mymomsapanda 11/18/12 02:18 PM

everyone please listen to pentimento. it really is that good

jdr277 11/18/12 02:37 PM

Nurses - Dracula
Polock - Getting Down From The Trees
Apache Relay - American Nomad