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Joe DeAndrea 02/09/08 10:42 AM

Godspeed You! Black Emperor Breaks Up
Godspeed You! Black Emperor have broken up.
From the ArticleThe Montreal post-rock innovators have called it a day, but not for the reasons of 'musical differences' cited by many retiring bands. Instead, founder Efrin Menuck declared that the band had become untenable due to "an existential freakout" relating to the Iraq war.

Submitted by itsjustadrian

tm decomposer 02/09/08 10:46 AM


itsjustadrian 02/09/08 10:47 AM

it kind of sucks knowing it's a definite breakup and not a "maybe" hiatus.

SameSecret001 02/09/08 10:48 AM

Well, there go my hopes of ever seeing them live...

anamericangod 02/09/08 10:48 AM

Pretty interesting reason for a breakup.

Praetor 02/09/08 10:49 AM

Weren't they already broken up?

Adam Pfleider 02/09/08 10:56 AM

the people over at pitchfork are FREAKING RIGHT NOW...but seriously, they will be missed, what an orchestra of a band!

lilRIPsta 02/09/08 10:56 AM

they finally made it official instead of leaving us with that false sense of hope

Travis Parno 02/09/08 10:58 AM

huh. odd.

Eurotrash Drock 02/09/08 10:58 AM

thats so erronious. iraq war. give me a fucking break.

keeplioving 02/09/08 10:59 AM


Originally Posted by Praetor (Post 8604799)
Weren't they already broken up?

pretty much. it just wasn't "official". I didn't really think they'd be back anyways.

atticusfinch 02/09/08 11:00 AM

Bummer dude! This definitely puts a damper on the day. Great band.

Maloy 02/09/08 11:03 AM


kevinrocks409 02/09/08 11:05 AM

wow, fuck this.

tomass2112 02/09/08 11:06 AM

they broke up like 3 years ago. everyone go listen to A SILVER MT. ZION right now! new album coming out this spring "13 BLUES FOR THIRTEEN MOONS" off constellation records