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Deborah Remus 11/18/12 11:32 AM

Technology Round-Up (11/18/12)
Head to the replies to read this week's Technology Round-Up.

Deborah Remus 11/18/12 11:33 AM

Thanks to Chad for putting this together.

Technology Round-UpPoll

Gizmodo has run a feature on 23 classic websites that are still alive. What websites take you back down memory lane? Discuss in comments.

Since it's been a while since a tech round-up, let's have a double-dose of poll questions! Cinemark is releasing an app that will reward people for leaving their phones alone during movies. So time to come clean...do you use your phone during movies? [Poll]


Google Maps is making a triumphant return to iOS 6 in light of less-than-stellar reviews of Apple's mapping app. Nokia has also released its "Here" mapping application for iOS.

Apple and Motorola may finally end their legal dispute. In other Apple lawsuit-related news, HTC is now required to pay Apple $8 per phone as a result of their settlement.

Apple has grown to become the third-largest phone manufacturer in the world.

iMessage has led to a measurable drop in U.S. SMS messaging.

Apple is looking for a way to reduce the noise associated with iPhone vibration.

Thieves robbed a cargo building at JFK airport, getting away with $1.5 million iPad Minis.

An LTE version of the iPad Mini is coming to all major U.S. carriers.

Check out a review of the 13-inch Macbook Pro.

Kodak's patents may be joining the Apple family.

A new TV product from Apple is likely on the way, but nothing is set in stone yet.

Sales of new Apple products are even stronger than expected.


The Taliban mistakenly sent an email that revealed the email addresses of everyone on its mailing list. Let this serve as a reminder to use BCC when it's appropriate.

Israel is live tweeting a war.

President Obama has signed a new bill that will help the government fight cyber-terrorism.

Hulu has added a video games channel.

Spotify is testing a web-based player that will put it on par with Rdio in that respect.

Now you can give Facebook gifts that are digitally and physically delivered to your friends.

Dropcam is the new trendy site where you can watch live camera footage of just about anything.


See how Gmail was General Patraeus's downfall.

An Australian man successfully sued Google for defamation of character and was awarded over $200,000.

Google and Dish may be proposing a new joint wireless carrier to compete with AT&T, Verizon, etc.

The one terabit Google internet solution is actually able to attain 700 mbps speed.

Google TV now features voice search.


I'm not sure which is more impressive: a urine-powered generator or the fact that it was made by three teenage girls in Africa.

The Lytro camera will add 3D to its repertoire.

New microchips can capture cancer cells.

Check out a review of the Slingbox 350.

For only $2,500, lazy parents can avoid having to push their toddler's stroller.

The TI-84 calculator is getting a color screen.


Microsoft plans to sell its own mobile hardware.

Papa Johns faces a $250 million lawsuit for being over-aggressive with text advertisements.

AT&T has launched 4G LTE in 24 new markets. Speaking of LTE, it can apparently be taken down across an entire city for only $650.

The Droid DNA, which features a ridiculous 5.0-inch 1080p screen, has been reviewed at Gizmodo. See how its screen compares to the iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, Lumia 920, etc.

Check out a hands-on preview of the Kindle Fire HD.

Windows Phone 8 won't make it to Sprint until 2013.

Cyanogenmod 10 has been released for a variety of devices.

A homeless man was arrested for charging his phone in a park. The irony of a homeless man having an active cell phone has not been lost on your round-up author.


Blackberries can now place WiFi calls with a new BBM 7.0 app. [Blackberry]

An augmented reality app shows Google Maps and the world behind your phone. [iOS]

Expedia now let's people book flights and hotels directly from the app. [Android, iOS]

Check out 5 things to love about Nokia's new maps. [Android, iOS]

Make apartment hunting more appealing with Lovely. [iOS]


Check out a keyboard that features a touch-sensitive numberpad which doubles as a gesture pad. Unfortunately it will cost $105 when it arrives in December.

The Samsung Ativ Smart PC 500T markets itself as the perfect tablet/PC hybrid. Spoiler alert: it's not.

Windows 8 benchmarks are out. The new OS performs as fast or faster than Windows 7 SP1.

The Internet Explorer 10 preview is now available for Windows 7.

Ubuntu users can now run Netflix.

DirectX 11.1 may not be released for Windows 7.

Spybot Search and Destroy will receive a major update on Monday.


Enable Spotify's beta web player. Your round-up author is using it now, and it seems pretty stable so far.

Improve the WiFi signal on your iPhone 5.

Learn how to get through the airport easily during this holiday season.

If you're needing to kill an afternoon, check out a guide to useless websites.

Learn how to get out of paying fees.

Think about signing up for dummy Facebook and Twitter accounts to get offers and avoid spamming your friends.

Record live tv on your PC with XBMC 12.0.

Place free worldwide calls on Skype for a month.

Record audio on your Mac with WavTap.

Take quick notes with ScratchPad.


John McAfee, yes, that McAfee, is on the run but sending updates after allegedly committing committing murder in Belize.

"GIF" has been named Oxford's word of the year. Yes, for 2012, not 1998.

The head of Microsoft's Windows division has been released from the company. Bill Gates may have had a hand in his firing. Julie Larson-Green has taken his place.

90% of this year's Black Friday deals are literally the same items at the same prices as last year. Slow year of electronics apparently?

Hostess, the snack company, has gone out of business. Yes, your round-up author realizes this has nothing to do with technology. But he imagines quite a few fellow geeks will be disappointed.

Contributor: CyberInferno

popdisaster00 11/18/12 12:27 PM


iAMhollyood315 11/18/12 01:08 PM

yeah boi tech roundup is back!!!!

DecemberFaded 11/18/12 01:12 PM

Cool. CoolCoolCool.

_><_ 11/18/12 01:13 PM

Glad to see this back.

rollerman4221 11/18/12 01:32 PM

Apple looking for a way to reduce vibration strength based on ambiant noise is some real next level shit

Jake Denning 11/18/12 02:50 PM

Tech Roundup is my shit. HELL YEAH.

Kiguel182 11/18/12 02:57 PM

love tech round up, glad it's back!

SwertsOnALog 11/18/12 05:24 PM

Missed killing time reading these.

I also need a new computer.

skibby15 11/18/12 06:28 PM


esposimi 11/18/12 09:02 PM

A Web-based Spotify would be kick ass. Great for when I can't install it on PC's at my work or at someone's house and I don't want to install it.

Also, I set up some Windows 8 machines and generally like the direction Microsoft is taking, but they have lots of work to do yet. I'll stick with Windows 7 and XP for now.

Nightfox33 11/19/12 12:19 PM

Good to see the Tech roundup back.

CyberInferno 11/27/12 12:42 PM

Thank you all for your kind words! Comments like these are the reason that I decided to pick this up again.

In case you missed it, the latest round-up was posted yesterday.


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yeah boi tech roundup is back!!!!


Originally Posted by DecemberFaded (Post 115523122)
Cool. CoolCoolCool.


Originally Posted by _><_ (Post 115523172)
Glad to see this back.


Originally Posted by Jake Denning (Post 115527852)
Tech Roundup is my shit. HELL YEAH.


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love tech round up, glad it's back!


Originally Posted by SwertsOnALog (Post 115533022)
Missed killing time reading these.

I also need a new computer.


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Good to see the Tech roundup back.