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Voguerista 11/18/12 08:11 PM

Your Favorite Tom Cruise Movie
Which movie would that be?

Nothing beats "The Last Samari" for me, but, I watched "Knight and Day" last night and I loved it!!

Tetragrammaton 11/18/12 08:34 PM


Smash Adams 11/18/12 08:44 PM

Minority Report

TJ Wells 11/18/12 08:53 PM

Movie: Magnolia
Performance: Rain Man

esposimi 11/18/12 08:59 PM

BuiltToFall 11/18/12 09:14 PM

I've always enjoyed Jerry Maguire, but The Last Samurai is just a fantastic film in every aspect.

bhen 11/18/12 09:15 PM

rain man

popdisaster00 11/18/12 09:17 PM

williek311 11/18/12 09:17 PM

Minority Report with Collateral a close second.

Eich696 11/18/12 09:20 PM

Minority Report by far.

leftapart 11/18/12 09:38 PM

Vanilla Sky.

E=MCHAMMER 11/18/12 10:14 PM


Originally Posted by leftapart (Post 115546852)
Vanilla Sky.


Jerry Maguire.

blimpcityhero11 11/18/12 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by Smash Adams (Post 115544832)
Minority Report

Undoubtedly. Love that movie.

TJ Wells 11/18/12 10:20 PM

It bugs me how much more credit Hoffman gets for Rain Man. Acting OPPOSITE that seems much harder to me.

Nadene7x 11/18/12 10:28 PM

Tropic Thunder ...but seriously Rain Man because he plays such a good whiney girl