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pepster50 11/19/12 12:57 PM

You nailed it. This album is SO weird. But at the end of the day its enjoyable. The first 3 tracks(not intro) are quite good and makes me forgive the last 2 and the intro. Its nothing special, but in a genre that is so stale now, they bring something new to the table. It may not be steak and shrimp but it's better than McDonalds lol.

a3s1g1 11/19/12 01:21 PM

never heard of this group/musicians before, but this EP is pretty weird....good review Jack!

Ryan Gardner 11/19/12 01:51 PM

I think Tyler is a great singer, but other than his parts, this is terrible.

(l,k) 11/19/12 07:29 PM

this makes me wish jonny craig would go back to his high pitched style that everyone bit him on and reclaim whats his lol

Archael 11/24/12 11:29 AM


Archael 11/24/12 11:29 AM


Originally Posted by henry chinaski (Post 115555372)
Shouldn't this also have a 5% rating?


Originally Posted by saywhatever (Post 115550312)
Vapid piles of complete musical shit.

most accurate comments in this thread

agl 11/24/12 04:55 PM

This album sounds much better when you listen to it after Genesi[s]. At least this is kinda interesting at times, and the vocals and lyrics are superior.