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Jason Tate 11/19/12 11:13 AM

Re-Recorded Acoustic Daphne Loves Derby Tune [Video]
10 years later, Jason Call of Daphne Loves Derby has re-recorded an acoustic version of "Kent Loves Gig Harbor," one of the original songs that adorned the band's Purevolume page. Check the replies.

Jason Tate 11/19/12 11:13 AM

herestoyoufla 11/19/12 11:14 AM


PetitnaindesĪles 11/19/12 11:39 AM

what happened to the new album they supposedly finished last year ? i'd love to hear it

colorfast 11/19/12 11:46 AM

This is awesome. I grew up in Gig Harbor and Daphne was huge there and the surrounding areas when I was in high school.

gold soundz 11/19/12 12:55 PM

I feel like every label on earth at one point wanted to sign these guys and they totally screwed themselves with who they chose. Love them back in the early purevolume days.

ThisIsNotDan 11/19/12 01:09 PM

This band is the textbook definition of guilty pleasure not because of the music...but that name, ooof.

Too bad they fizzled out, I have a soft spot for a lot of that poppy AP scene stuff from the mid 2000's and these guys really knew how to write a really catchy song

icynova 11/19/12 01:42 PM

Heard one of their songs on Grey's Anatomy, was surprised that I couldn't find any of their stuff anywhere else. What happened to this band?

steve187 11/19/12 02:17 PM

this band was so good in high school. still listen to this song every once in a while

guitarguy211 11/19/12 02:23 PM

Loved these guys.

leftapart 11/19/12 02:24 PM

10 years? holy fuck.

SwertsOnALog 11/19/12 02:30 PM

Purevolume days.... oh those were the days. Glad i got to see them 7 years ago when they came through toledo

geetarjizosh 11/19/12 02:54 PM

So great to see that icon on the news board. Miss this band.

dancerazdance 11/19/12 04:53 PM

miss this band

I'mAGetUpKid 11/19/12 05:12 PM

Love this band. So many memories.

strikefirefall 11/19/12 05:40 PM


Originally Posted by Mario57 (Post 115560152)
what happened to the new album they supposedly finished last year ? i'd love to hear it

Taken from Wiki.

"Choi graduated from the Chemical Engineering program at University of Washington in June, 2012. Kenny now works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center as the Process Manager."

MusicGeek_12 11/19/12 07:29 PM

Absolutely miss this band! For when they started and how young, Kenny's lyrics were so awesome. They meant something...versus this new lyrical "art"...