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Drew Beringer 11/19/12 11:23 AM

AP.net Contest: Japandroids Ticket Giveaway
Today, I have a pair of tickets to give away for the December 5th, 2012 Japandroids show at Webster Hall in New York City. The person who posts the funniest picture involving a cat wins the pair. Stay tuned to the site throughout the week for more ticket giveaways. I'm kind of like your personal ticket oak.

Drew Beringer 11/19/12 11:23 AM

TheRealJohnOC 11/19/12 11:28 AM

Lews Therin 11/19/12 11:32 AM

Celebration Rock is currently tied with On the Impossible Past for my AOTY, so it would be a privilege to get to go see them live. Thanks for putting on this contest.

bobsheiskawy 11/19/12 11:37 AM


I'm kind of like your personal ticket oak.

ALEXMASONRULES 11/19/12 11:39 AM

In regards to: http://www.buzzfeed.com/summeranne/l...y-told-by-cats

ChaseTx 11/19/12 11:47 AM

I wish this was in Dallas, but great contest.

get up kidd 11/19/12 11:50 AM

Damn, Would love to go to this. The new record has been playing non stop for the past month or so.

Chris Collum 11/19/12 11:57 AM

Damn son first Titus now this for free? Shit

XIMBOREDOFYOUX1 11/19/12 12:24 PM

Kyle Thrash 11/19/12 12:37 PM

Already got tickets to this show but this is my most anticipated show of the year. Celebration Rock is my AOTY by far and them and Diiv are gonna kill this show.

zbrmike79 11/19/12 01:11 PM

me and this cat would share this emotion if i got these tickets.

LivingTheLyrics 11/19/12 04:33 PM

When does this run to? I'm at work for two more hours or so but have some original cat content at home that could bring potential lawls, and Celebration Rock is my second favorite album of the year!

OTMOP 11/19/12 06:52 PM