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Jason Tate 11/19/12 11:56 AM

New Phillip Phillips Song "Man on the Moon" [Video]
Phillip Phillips' new song "Man On The Moon," performed live in the 101.3 KDWB studio, is in the replies.

Submitted by InfiniteArms

Jason Tate 11/19/12 11:57 AM

benjammin07 11/19/12 12:30 PM

this guy is already doing so well and actually seems like a chill dude who deserved to win american idol. much luck to him!

brentstailing 11/19/12 12:37 PM

This dude is extremely talented.

simplejack 11/19/12 01:42 PM

I hear a bit of Sting and Dave Matthews in his voice.

VeryWittyName 11/19/12 06:01 PM

A guy who was instrumental in helping me get my first kiss wrote a couple of songs on this album, including Home. /humblebrag

concealed 11/20/12 07:21 AM

Am I the only on who think this kid sounds like Jon Foreman?

herestoyoufla 11/20/12 08:19 AM


Originally Posted by simplejack (Post 115568642)
I hear a bit of Sting and Dave Matthews in his voice.

I definitely hear Dave

JunkBondTrader 11/20/12 09:06 AM

im glad they let him write/co-write alot of the songs on the album. according to the wiki credits he wrote this one, i read a quote that he wasnt crazy about "Home" as a song for him because it wasnt something he would write, though i think he said it was a good song.

being a huge DMB fan i really didnt like him at all at first. hes grown on me though. a lot of mannerisms are very similar. even how he introduced the song...