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nowFace 11/20/12 07:00 PM


Originally Posted by betterthanyou99 (Post 115610302)
What makes her not talented? In mainstream terms she is one of the best. Fact.


betterthanyou99 11/21/12 01:48 AM


Originally Posted by theagentcoma (Post 115613952)
You answered your own question. "Mainstream" music is not meant to be talented, it's meant to sell an image and be accessible so millions of people with very little interest in actual talent and art will buy into it. Of course she possesses some talent, but it's nowhere near enough to merit all the attention she gets.

Take a look at Rite-Aid and Papa John's hyping the crap out of her new album. Mass marketing to appeal to the masses.

If it still doesn't make sense, then maybe this will. Artists like Taylor Swift are the McDonalds of the music world. Fast food is cheap, easy to make, easy to consume, and generally not very good for you. Same way with her music. It's accessible, watered down, and people can enjoy it without thinking too hard (or at all). It also doesn't help that she can't sing live.

I guess it just sucks that people like her and Nicki Minaj get all the attention when there are hundred of talented bands out there working their asses off who will never see anywhere near the attention she does.

Oh noes...her music is relatable and appeals to millions. She sucks!

I wanna know what motivates the critics to praise her work album after album if she is that bad. Not even adele and gaga have metacritic scores as high as her and they are generally considered pretty talented.

theagentcoma 11/21/12 09:30 AM

It's not that it's relatable, it's that it's so watered down, simple, and juvenile that the most music-ignorant layman can appreciate it. That's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just not my thing.