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steve187 11/19/12 01:50 PM


Drew Beringer 11/19/12 01:56 PM


Originally Posted by ChaseTx (Post 115569172)
Agreed! I was actually digging through the news archives this weekend and saw when AVA was initially announced and you commented that it would be better than +44... I chuckled. I guess no one really would have guessed at what AVA would actually sound like.

I was much more of a Tom fanboy in 2005 than I was of Mark.

ChaseTx 11/19/12 02:04 PM


Originally Posted by Drew Beringer (Post 115569612)
I was much more of a Tom fanboy in 2005 than I was of Mark.

Ha I understand. Of course the funniest thing I found was Tom's visit to this site talking about how he was shitting our pants for us, then the subsequent insistence by everyone that it couldn't be him and he wouldn't say his band was the best music in 20 years, etc etc.

GetUpAndrew 11/19/12 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by TorontoMatt (Post 115565042)
i'll make up my mind if i really want this once i hear the blink ep


Rysker6 11/19/12 02:38 PM

Pretty cool that he answered her, I'd scream like a girl if Mark responded to a tweet. But, I dug +44's record, before blink-182 reunited I was actually looking forward to their second record.

cappslock 11/19/12 02:39 PM

+44 is on the same plane as BCR in terms of quality. Blink's S/T was right in between them in terms of sound. I'd kill for either a +44 or BCR follow-up, but honestly, if Blink goes back to a coherent S/T-type sound and less of the jumble that Neighborhoods had, just give me more of that. Lots and lots more of that.

N. Hall 11/19/12 02:45 PM

more music form mark and tom is always welcome. i'd prefer +44 in it's original incarnation, with carol, though. her songs are the best on that record.

CavanaughPark 11/19/12 02:51 PM

I always loved +44 over any of Tom Delonge's stuff. Would love to see them put out a new album.

tdlyon 11/19/12 03:01 PM

While I love +44, it's my least favorite Blink project. I like BCR and AVA better.

DeeEee1985 11/19/12 03:13 PM

I was bigger on AvA than I was with +44. On the flip side, +44's album was fantastic. I wouldn't mind seeing them release another.

daftpunker45 11/19/12 03:54 PM


leftapart 11/19/12 03:59 PM

Don't care; stick with Blink.

Chemical Love 11/19/12 04:27 PM

I always liked +44.

mattregan 11/19/12 04:32 PM

A little death makes life more meaningful. I stand no chance at allllllllllllllll!

Merve 11/19/12 04:46 PM

I'd love to see another +44 record. I'd probably be an old man before that happens, though.